Vegan Spots!

Ottawa is an amazing place for vegan cuisine! One of my favourites is a spot on Wellington St. W, ‘Little Jo Berry’s’.

It’s a cute little cafe, that is always rotating through new menu items – all of the food is vegan, and just some of the features have been peanut butter brownies, pizza, pumpkin ice cream, and smores’ bars!

The menu…
…and the items! So many!

When we went the other day, there were four of us – so we tried a variety of items!


They were all delicious!

The cafe’s environment is also lovely and warm – I would probably go there to study, even.

If you love pastries and are having trouble finding your favourites – Little Jo Berry’s will probably have them at some point! You can even follow them on instagram and see their latest creations.


In Summary

Price: $

Quality: +++++

What are you favourite local spots?

Portugal – a guide to Coimbra & Obidos

After arriving in Portugal, the first region we drove to, on the our way to Coimbra, was Obidos. Obidos is a charming little town that is surrounded by walls.

Even the parking lot had architecture that awed me:

The first thing we had to do was stop at the pharmacy to get sunscreen; I would NOT recommend this. Obviously, this is a tourist pharmacy where they’ve jacked up the prices. Unfortunately, we were forced to, because our airline lost our luggage for the first part of the trip. (*sigh* In the future, I plan to travel sans checked luggage).

The city of Obidos has turned into somewhat of a tourist district, but we visited for this reason (and I recommend you do too): the whole village is surrounded by castle walls, which, first, is just very cool, and, second, offers some wonderful views.

Here’s what it looks like when you get up to the walls:

It also offers spectacular views over the village and the surrounding area:

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Musical find of the day

Hello! For those of you that don’t know, I work at a radio station where I manage a lot of music daily, which means I get to hear lots of new fun music all the time! It’s my favorite part of my job.

Here’s the musical find of the day:

Organ Eyes – Doesn’t Matter Anymore

This is a band local to Ottawa who will be playing with Weaves next week! If you like light hearted indie music, give this one a listen.

Happy Wednesday! ~

Portugal – The Pictures; Coimbra & Obidos

Portugal was a big trip, so I’ve decided to split up the posts into a few: this one will focus on our first stop – Coimbra, with Obidos en route! Coming soon: the informative post about these two lovely areas!

The pictures from Obidos, a charming little town surrounded by castle walls.

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Here’s my biggest problem, and it comes with a few elements:

  • I LOVE travelling
  • I’m a student with a job, a boyfriend, a cat, friends, family, a blog, and almost no free time
  • I’m antSY as heck to get go on as many adventures as possible

Here’s the issue: I can’t go all year… I have school four days a week and a job, and a cat, and everything I just mentioned. Here’s what I can do: take small roadtrips to keep my inner travel demon at bay. And that’s not to say our roadtrips aren’t fun; because they are! So much! They’re just shorter sadly 🙁

Nevertheless, here’s my summary of our trip to Vermont.  Ian and I love to explore the outdoors, so this trip for us was all about bouldering and hiking! (with some vegan fun in the mix… I’ll talk about that later).

We drove up to set up our tent at Smuggler’s Notch state park, right near Mt. Mansfield; on the way up to the camping site, you pass through the park and boulders that the area has to offer.

Here’s one of the boulders we stopped to see, because we just couldn’t wait til after we’d set up our tent:


(My 5″2 for scale)

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Recently, we took a weekend trip to Montreal, and it was lovely. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Montreal, for one key reason: I grew up there. But I only stayed until age 12.

I believe strongly that Montreal is only fun if you’re a young adult. If you’re a child, it’s just a big, dirty city. People are rude, drives are long, everyone is always aggravated. I hated Montreal. That is, until I went back! Now, most of my family lives there, so obviously I’ve been back, technically, a lot of times… But recently, I went back with my friends. It was a different experience altogether.

We were only there for one night, but we managed to do a lot.

To start off, (after I begged) we visited Le Cafe des Chats. I’m not sure about you, but I’m both a cat lover and a coffee lover, so cat cafes are essentially paradise for me.

The cats are clearly treated nicely; they have a private area they can retreat to if they don’t feel like interacting with the visitors! Otherwise, they’re free to roam around and hang out as they please. Also, all the cats are adopted from the SPCA – hooray, rescues!

The cafe is also very vegan friendly – I treated myself to a soy chai latte, and a brownie off their vegan pastry section. *heart eyes* Additionally, all their coffee and tea is fairtrade – so that’s another plus in my book!

Munchkin deep in thought… #catcafemtl #catisking #catcafemontreal #lecafedeschatsmontreal

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This is also where Ian found out I’d never played Uno before, so we had a pretty intense game of that from their selection of board games.

After we’d satisfied my cat obsession, it was already pretty late. We met up with our friends and decided from a long list of interesting bars where to go that night – and we decided on Bar Big in Japan. 

While a little pricier, this is definitely one of the more interesting bars I’ve been to. the entrance is easy to miss -it’s just this little door you have to knock on , and the bouncer peers out and lets you in. Sadly, this is the night my phone broke so I didn’t get any pictures – but it’s worth telling you about! I did get one picture outside the bar


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The Ground Rules

The motto I stick to for travel is one that pays homage to the birds that fly around the world, much as I would like to: cheap cheap!

Travel for me has always been about the experience; I would rather stay in a dirt cheap hostel and spend my day walking around with the most spending money possible in my pocket, than spend my nights in an expensive hotel that deters my ability to experience where I’m visiting. That being said, I am a student; meaning that this is basically mandatory anyway.

My point is, if you’re looking for advice on how to be your most luxurious self – this is not the blog for you. However, if you would like to travel on a limited budget and get the very most out of your trip – stick around, you just might find something that changes your trip for the better.

In this post, I’m going to outline for you the methods I use for cheap travel.

Firstly, you have to decide where you’re going. Personally, my list of places to see is basically… everywhere. Therefore, my favourite methods to choosing a destination is such: find out how to be notified of cheap airfare.

For me, these are the essential tools (and bear with my bias towards helpful apps – I  am a millennial, after all )

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