Vegan spot Wednesdays!

Cafe Nostalgica

Just a few days ago, Ian and I stopped by University of Ottawa campus’s Nostalgica Cafe. I’ve visited this restaurant many times and loved it every time; their menu is amazingly accommodating, offering a ton of gluten free and vegan options. My favourite part is that it’s about ten steps from my work.

Here’s what their menu looks like:

And here’s what the cozy inside looks like:

I ordered  the poutine and we shared Nachos as an appetizer;  (yes, all vegan – crazy, right?!) I planned on having the cheesecake for dessert because it sounded amazing, but this was already too much food, so I figured I should save my money and come back another time.  🙁

Here’s what the two courses looked like:

It’s hard to believe these dishes are completely vegan, but they are! They were huge and delicious!  I’m always beyond happy when I go to Nostalgica, and this time was no different.  In the past, I’ve tried their chai latte, burritos, and lasagna, among others, all of which have been great. I’ll definitely be posting more about this place in the future.

What kind of vegan dishes do you want to hear about?

Portugal -a guide to the Algarve Coast

The Algarve coast was one of my favorite parts of the trip – I never feel like I’m really on vacation until I’m on a beach, and that’s exactly what the Algarve Coast is known for.

After a long and frustrating night of getting our rental car back, we drove down to the coast (well, Ian drove – I napped, haha. Sorry, darling.) we arrived at our AirBNB around midnight – I let our host know we would be late, but I still felt terrible!!

After a few very long days of touring, we were both really excited to have a few days of pure relaxation. Even though the touring was amazing, we’re both our most comfortable chilling out in nature.

Aside from the beaches, there isn’t much else in the area, apart from some nice little port side villages. So naturally, we spent almost all our time at the beach!!

Now, the rumors you heard are true: Portugal’s oceans are freezing. However, not at the Algarve coast – that’s because the waters intercept the Mediterranean Sea, so the waters are never warm! They’re not warm in Lisbon, which we learned later on.

On our first day, we visited Praia da Rocha, a beach well known for its rocky surrounding and formations.

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Vegan Products I Swear By

I have tried a lot of foundations in my life. And since becoming vegan, I’ve tried even more – and I’ve been happy with all of them, more or less. But not 100%, until recently.

I used to avoid liquid concealers like the plague – to be honest, I think it’s because I opted for a pretty terrible one at 13 years old that would leave dry smudges wherever you applied it, and I’d been convinced since then that it was my skin that caused it (spoiler: it was the foundation).  But one of my favourite brands, Urban Decay, has liquid foundations with amazing reviews – so I decided to try it.

This foundation cost something like 40$ (this is my threshold for foundation price by the way, I’d never pay more that 50$ tax all in). I was worried that it wouldn’t last too long since it was liquid, but it has surpassed my expectations! I’ve had it since June, and I believe I’m about halfway through (but it’s hard to say, since I can’t actually see into the bottle).

It applies beautifully and evenly, and leaves my skin feeling smooth (and NEVER oily – that was another beef I had with previous foundations). And, of course,  it’s vegan and cruelty-free – very important to me, as well all know.


Do you have any favourite vegan, cruelty-free beauty products?

Portugal; Algarve Coast; the Pictures

The coast of Praia da Rocha as seen from one of the off-coast rock islands

Welcome back to yet another Portugal post! This week, let’s look at the pictures we took at the Algarve coast. Apart from the beaches themselves, the area isn’t all that scenic – so we don’t have that many pictures, but the ones we took are lovely!

The coast of Praia da Rocha as seen from one of the off-coast rock islands
Inside Benagil Cave
Benagil Cave
The city away from the beaches

Praia da Rocha
Benagil Cave


Stay tuned for the info post, where I’ll talk about Benagil Cave and Praia da Rocha! 🙂

Vegan Products I Swear By – Lush Shampoo

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying to transition from a mindless consumer to a thoughtful one – I want to know where things come from, how they were made, what impacts their companies have. It’s so important to me that no animals suffered so I can have my products.

This week, I’ll tell you about my shampoo, which I get from Lush (have I mentioned how much I love Lush? SO much.) Continue reading “Vegan Products I Swear By – Lush Shampoo”

Portugal; The Pictures – Sintra

After visiting Porto, we headed over to the part of the trip that I was very excited for – Sintra! Home to some of Portugal most amazing castles, Sintra is a one-stop-shop for all those who love old architecture (me).

The first castle we visited was Pena Palace, which resembled a fairy tale castle (I loved that):

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Vegan spots – Cafe My House

The other day, Ian and I stopped by Cafe My House for Breakfast – it turned out to be a lovely little place!

The restaurant is located in Hintonburg, and their menu is all vegan. You can either go for brunch (which is what we did) from 10:30 to 2:30 on weekends, or you can stop by for dinner from 5:30pm to 10:30.

The ambiance is very cozy, which was nice for a hungover Saturday morning (sorry mom).

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Portugal -a guide to Aveiro and Porto

Finally, the info post!

After leaving Coimbra, we left for Porto. We decided on the way to stop in Aveiro, the town that some call the Venice of Portugal.


We didn’t have time to stop to eat in Aveiro, but we did walk around and explore the town – it boasts some beautiful architecture.

Lots of the roads in Aveiro are paved with beautiful tiles.

If you’re on route to another town, I would suggest stopping somewhere else to eat. Aveiro’s  city life is quite tourist centered. However, the town and it’s architecture are gorgeous enough to merit a stop.

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